Fallout 4 Has 400+ Hours of Content: A developer has played the RPG for more than 400 hours so far and still has not seen everything the game has to offer. Wow, this game is gonna be big. We also learned this week that Fallout 4 will let you keep playing after the game’s campaign ends.

Final Fantasy XV Confirmed for 2016: After years and years of development, Square Enix’s role-playing game will finally be here…next year! Director Hajime Tabata announced the news this week at Gamescom.


Now’s your chance to help make NHL 16 a better game. EA Sports wants your feedback. Take part in this survey to let them know what you think.

Here’s a great video interview in which Destiny creative director Luke Smith answers 104 questions about the game in rapid-fire succession. Watch the interview over at Game Informer.

Professional Call of Duty tournaments used to be played on Xbox platforms, but that’s changing this year, as MLG and other events will be played on PlayStation 4. This news follows the announcement that all DLC for Black Ops III (and maybe future games) will launch first on PlayStation platforms.

Did you know the late Chris Farley was originally eyed to play Shrek in the DreamWorks animated classic? He was, and now a video of him performing the character has emerged. His version is quite different than the Mike Myers version we know today. Listen here.

Scooby-Doo has finally been re-made in Grand Theft Auto V. Finally!

Doom developer id Software is expanding. Studio owner Bethesda has announced that id has opened a brand in Frankfurt, Germany. They’ll be support id’s main team in working on id Tech for Doom.

You know what Halo was missing? Dinosaurs, of course. That was obvious. Well thankfully, now it has them, thanks to this excellent Ark: Survival Evolved mod. Just wow.

How it Star Citizen‘s controversial FPS mode Star Marine shaping up? Check out this in-depth blog post from Chris Roberts and his team to find out.

More LEGO Minecraft sets are now available! Check ‘em out here.

Temple Run 2 and sprinter Usain Bolt have partnered to bring a new jersey to the game based on the uniform Bolt will wear at the upcoming World Championships of Running later this month. It’s an exact copy of what he’ll wear at the event, and you can buy it now for $1.

OK. This Resident Evil cosplay is too good. My goodness, wow.

Now’s your chance to give Nintendo some feedback about its E3 showing this year. This week, the company launched an online survey, asking people for their thoughts about the briefing and more.

The first update for MMO Cabal 2 is now available. Called “Blackwaves,” the update adds a new event that challenges you to fight off waves of mobs, with 24 players across four groups per event (there are 12 in all). As you might have guessed, there is all-new gear to earn if you’re successful.

Tough times for game publisher Majesco, as the company this week replaced its CEO and confirmed that the publicly traded company is down to just five employees. Get the full report here.

A PlayStation 4 mouse-and-keyboard controller with a vibrating wristband? Sure. Why not? Read all about it here.

Ahead of Until Dawn‘s release later this month, Sony has posted some of the game’s haunting music. The tracks were composed by Jason Graves. You might not know his name, but you probably are familiar with his work, as he did the excellent, creepy music for Dead Space. Listen to the tracks here.

The Angry Birds movie will be “unexpectedly smart.” That’s according to actor Josh Gad, who plays a lead role in the movie. Read this interview from IGN, in which Gad also talks about how he was originally going to turn down the role, until he talked with the producers who won him over with the pitch.

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