Which is best, a pc gaming desktop or games console

I decided to write an article on the current state of the gaming desktop market. With all of the console-biased games you see publicised every day, you’d be forgiven for thinking that games consoles are the only way to play up to date games. However, the PC gaming desktop is on the up and has never been better! Not only does the PC have a variety of different genres of games and titles to rival the consoles, it’s more affordable than it ever has been and the choices of specification are endless. Its also keeping up with the latest trends compared with the consoles. The PC’s greatest strength as a gaming platform is that it’s completely upgradeable and only limited to what you can afford. This means the more money and effort you are prepared to put into your PC gaming desktop, the more you’ll get out of it. In the past, the high cost of buying a high performing custom gaming desktop PC may have been off-putting. However, there are now companies such as Scan who make perfectly good, entry-level machines for around 600; meanwhile, companies such as AlienWare make powerful gaming desktops which are beautiful to look at as-well as being fast. It’s also worth noting that while the initial expense of a gaming desktop PC is higher than that of a console, computer video games are a lot cheaper. Most new computer games sell for around 15 to 20 less than their console equivalents. The PC is also the preferred platform for genres such as strategy games and sports management sims; trying to play Football Manager 2010 without the benefit of a keyboard and mouse would be a bit of a challenge! PC gaming desktops also have a long list of fancy peripherals; the Logitech G-Series family is a good place to start. The G700 Mouse is sleekly designed to better fit your hand, has full speed wireless connection and 13 programmable controls, for instance. Many of the bigger titles also allow players to make mods; homemade creative nips and tucks which enrich the gaming experience beyond anything available on a console. These can range from map editors to over clocking tweaks to tool kits that can be used to create new environments, new skill sets and, in some cases, entirely new games. The biggest advantage that a gaming desktop pc has is the sheer processing power. An up-to-date gaming PC plays video games with unbeatable graphical detail and sound. Extreme gamers who long for the 3D gaming experience boasted by Sony for the PS3 can find that PC gaming desktops are more than up to the job. There are in excess of 500 titles 3D-ready; all you need is the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Kit. And nearly every new PC game released is 3D-ready. So to summarise the quality rendered on screen and huge choice of configurable options of a high-spec gaming desktop PC can’t be matched by consoles. my best gaming desktop site http://ezinearticles.com/?Cant-Decide-Between-a-PC-Gaming-Desktop-Or-Games-Console?&id=5004111